ad'min脗路is脗路tra脗路trix脗路 || -tre脡陋tr脡陋ks n. woman who administers, female manager ad'min脗路is脗路tra脗路tor || -tre脡陋t脡鈩 n. manager, director; one who is in charge of managing a computer system (Computers); program which regulates system management in Windows environment (Computers)

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • administratrix 鈥 ad路min路i路stra路trix /蓹d 藢mi n蓹 str膩 triks/ n pl tra路tri路ces / str膩 tr蓹 藢s膿z/: a woman administrator esp. of an estate Merriam Webster鈥檚 Dictionary of Law. Merriam Webster. 1996. administratrix 鈥   Law dictionary

  • Administratrix 鈥 Ad*min is*tra trix, n. [NL.] A woman who administers; esp., one who administers the estate of an intestate, or to whom letters of administration have been granted; a female administrator. [1913 Webster] 鈥   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • administratrix 鈥 [ad min蝿istr膩鈥瞭riks蝿, 蓹d min蝿istr膩鈥瞭riks蝿] n. pl. administratrices [ad min蝿istr蓹 tr墨鈥瞫膿z蝿, ad min蝿istr膩鈥瞭r蓹s膿z蝿] or administratrixes [ad min蝿istr膩鈥瞭riks iz蝿] [Now Rare] LawLaw Now Rare a woman administrator 鈥   English World dictionary

  • administratrix 鈥 /ad min euh stray triks, ad min euh , ad min euh stray /, n., pl. administratrices / euh stray treuh seez , euh streuh truy seez/. Law. a woman who is an administrator. [1620 30; < ML administratrix, fem. of ADMINISTRATOR; see TRIX] Usage. See… 鈥   Universalium

  • administratrix 鈥 noun (plural administratrices) Etymology: New Latin Date: circa 1623 a woman who is an administrator especially of an estate 鈥   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • administratrix 鈥 noun A female administrator 鈥   Wiktionary

  • administratrix 鈥 [蓹d藢m瑟n瑟 stre瑟tr瑟ks] noun (plural administratrixes, administratrices tr瑟si:z) Law a female administrator of an estate 鈥   English new terms dictionary

  • administratrix 鈥 ad路min路is路tra路trix 鈥   English syllables

  • administratrix 鈥 ad鈥in鈥s鈥ra鈥rix [[t]忙d藢m瑟n 蓹藞stre瑟 tr瑟ks[/t]] n. pl. is鈥ra鈥ri鈥es [[t] 蓹藞stre瑟 tr蓹藢siz, 蓹 str蓹藞tra瑟 siz[/t]] Law. law use a woman who is an administrator 鈥 Etymology: 1620鈥30; < ML usage: See trix 鈥   From formal English to slang

  • administratrix 鈥 /蓹d藞m瑟n蓹str蓹tr瑟ks/ (say uhd minuhstruhtriks) noun (plural administratrices /蓹d藞m瑟n蓹str蓹tr蓹藢siz/ (say uhd minuhstruhtruh.seez)) Law a female administrator 鈥   Australian English dictionary

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